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How much stuff will the dumpster hold?

While this can vary, our 10 yard dumpsters hold about 3 pickup truck loads, 15 yard dumpsters hold about 5 pickup truck loads, and our 20 yard dumpsters hold about 7 pickup truck loads.

Is there a delivery fee?

For our in service area there is no delivery fee, for locations outside of our service area, a fuel surcharge may be added up front to the price of the dumpster. Call or text for more info.

When do you drop off dumpsters?

We do our best to accommodate our customers needs on delivery and pickup times. On rare occasions, problems outside of our control arise so we can't promise exact times. 

Do I need to be present during pickup or drop off?

No, if you schedule and pay for the dumpster in advance, there is no need to be on site. Just give us a detailed description on where you'd like the dumpster placed and our drivers will accommodate.

Can we put the dumpster in a yard?

Sometimes, weather is a major factor in the ability to place a dumpster off of a road surface. We will always try our best to place the dumpster where the customer wants. If you are worried about lawn damage, we recommend one of our 15 yard trailer dumpsters, they sit on tires and weigh about as much as mid sized SUV, therefore are much easier on lawns than a roll off. Keep in mind it is your responsibility to know where drains, septic, sprinklers etc. are located and inform the driver. The final placement of the dumpster is drivers discretion for safety.

What Items are prohibited in the dumpster?

You will receive a rental agreement when booking a dumpster that covers this in depth. Frequently asked items that can't be placed in a dumpster are; Tires, Cement, bricks, dirt, sewage, oil, chemicals, liquid paint, explosives, vehicle batteries, refrigerators, and any other hazardous waste. Please be mindful not to throw hot ash, cigarettes butts or anything else that could cause a dumpster fire.

Do you take shingles?

Yes! Dumpsters with shingles can only be loaded with construction debris, no household waste. Please have the number of squares and layers when you call to schedule a dumpster so we can insure the right equipment is used for the job.

Fill out the form below to send your dumpster request directly to dispatching.

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